Thursday, March 13, 2014

Biophelia (2003) Digitally Remastered

Biophelia (2013) Listen here.

In December 2003, I released my first dance album as Logos. I had recorded an ambient album the year before, but "Biophelia" took my production work to the next level, drawing influences from psytrance, house, and other forms of EDM that I was listening to at the time.
It was a real turning point for me musically. The album sort of defined what would become "my sound." It was also the first thing I had released that actually started to find an audience. And most importantly, it inspired me to push forward, developing my skills as a composer and producer.
Having recently passed the ten-year anniversary of the album, I found myself wanting to revisit it. My mixing skills have come along way since then, and while the material was still exciting to me, some of the mixes clearly needed a fine-tuning.
I'm happy to say that that process has drawn to a close and I'm able to re-release Biophelia in a re-mixed and digitally remastered version.
For a limited time it will be a free download on Bandcamp. Please give it a listen and if you can, make a donation for it.
I also want to thank Kri Samadhi, who remastered it and all of the musicians who recorded on it, including Elizabeth Terry, Egg Syntax, Ambra Lionstone, and Abigail Griffin. The cover includes artwork by Rees Perry.

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